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Resort Direct Line: 979-418-8682

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 3563, Lake Jackson, TX 77566

Pecan Acres Pet Care Animal Hospital: 100 Forest Oaks Lane, Lake Jackson, TX 77566

Pecan Acres Pet Care Pet Resort: 105 Creekwood Landing Drive, Richwood, TX 77531

Sometimes the toughest feedback is the most important. When you share your experiences with us, it only helps us to do better next time. If we did great, please let us and your friends know about it. If we didn’t do so great, please let US know what happened! We can’t fix it if we don’t know it’s broken!

14 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hello,
    My husband and I adopted Addi in November 2020. She is the sweetest dog either of us have ever seen. We just love her. We have been struggling to find the right food for her. We’ve tried a couple of different brands but none of them seem to agree with her. Is it possible you could share the brand of food you use at Pecan Acres? That seemed the best for her. Thank you in advance for your help. For a Texas girl she sure didn’t mind the cold up here in Wisconsin. She LOVED the snow! If you want to email me directly you can reach me at Again, thank you for your help.


    • Hello Pat,
      I am so glad to hear that Addi loved the snow! We feed Purina EN which is a sensitive stomach diet. You can find something similar in another brand or order that from, be sure to look for Gastroenteric Formula on the label.

      I will send this to your email as well to ensure you receive it!

  2. I tried to use the link to pet portal in order to see when my dog is next due for his exam. Unfortunately, the link on the website “” gave a 404 not found error.

    • Hello Mrs. Zimmerman,
      We apologize for the link not working, we are in the process of getting it fixed. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. Our records indicate that Mozz is due for annual vaccinations this month. To schedule an appointment give us a call at 979-266-7080.

      Have a great day!

    • it still isn’t working! I waste so much time trying to get to the pet portal for my pet’s medications and food. There needs to be an easy, in your face, direct link somewhere.

      • Ms. Havlik,

        We no longer utilize VetSource, thank you for bringing that to our attention we will get the link removed from our website! You can find the link to order your pet’s medications and food by the “SHOP NOW” button. Anissa can guide you through the steps if needed!

  3. Patti and I would like to express our deepest gratitude to your staff for opening up the clinic after closing time today to bandage the foot of our dog Bella Biondi. We cut her nails too closely and caused some bleeding. You opened up and invited us in, bandaging her foot, offered advice if it ever happened again and did not charge us anything. It is care and service like this that will make us come back to Pecan Acres as long as we live in Lake Jackson and have pets. Thank you all again for giving us a few minutes of your time when it was your time to go home and enjoy your families.

    • You are very welcome and we appreciate the opportunity to care for sweet Bella. Our practice culture is one that holds a high regard for putting our patients and clients first. Each team member is committed to treating every pet as if they were their own pet. We are delighted to learn that we were able to meet your expectations today, thank you again for allowing us to care for Bella.

  4. I had a question about training. Your website mentions training in the logo but I don’t see anything else about it on the website. Do you offer a course to train a dog to be a service dog? I have PTSD and was thinking of training my dog to be a service dog. She already tries to comfort me when I’m having an anxiety attack and I think she would do well as a service dog for me.

    • Thank you for reaching out to Pecan Acres Pet Care for your training needs. At this time we are no longer providing training services but we do have two ladies we recommend. Off The Chain, Jamie Lamont 979-265-3647 and Dog Gone Good, Becky Gaconnet 979-417-3785/979-345-5060. Please let us know if we can be of any additional assistance and best of luck to you. Thank you again for considering Pecan Acres Pet Care for your pet care needs.

      Mary K. Moritz, CVA
      Practice Manager/Veterinary Nurse

  5. It has only been 24 hours and PeekA is back to biting and chewing (being her old self). She slept most of the day and the night. She ate a good breakfast of softer canned food (Alpo). Now she is going to be spoiled and wont want her nasty old hard, dry food. I just wanted to take time out and thank Dr. Suazo and all the staff for taking care of our youngest “daughter”. See you in 7 days and then again in the spring for the “herd”.

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