About Us

Our vision is to provide the most convenient, complete, and compassionate pet care available in Brazoria County, Texas, with an emphasis on exceptional client service and patient care. Our clients are our friends as well as our customers, and we value your continued trust and good will.

We have two great locations to serve you and your pets:

Pecan Acres Animal Hospital

Our Animal Hospital at 100 Forest Oaks Lane, Lake Jackson, Texas.

Our Mobile Veterinary Hospital will bring the vet to your pet at your Brazosport-area location!

Pecan Acres Pet Care offers full-service veterinary care–our place or yours. . .

Dr. Jason Suazo


14 thoughts on “About Us

    • Thank you so much for sharing! Stories like this truly make everything that we do all worth it. We would love to see Addi with her family! You can tag us on Facebook or Instagram. Have a wonderful week!

  1. Do you see reptiles?
    Just got a baby bearded dragon and looking around for a vet, for when mine needs one!
    If so, how many years of experience do you have with reptiles/bearded dragons?

  2. I have two 2 yr old male cats. I am planning a 6 day trip on Aug.20-26. Blackie hes been nuetered, but not walter. Blackie also had a rabies shot in feb 2018. Walter will need his shot. How much am i looking at to spend for the boarding n one rabie shots. Very passive n sweet cats! And i pamper my pets! Please reply!

  3. Do you do boarding and training. My dog has very destructive behavior when I’m gone even for an hour or two!! He has a dog door, plenty of chew toys and kongs. I’m at a point of despair

    • Thank you for reaching out to Pecan Acres Pet Care for your training needs. At this time we are no longer providing training services but we do have two ladies we recommend. Off The Chain, Jamie Lamont 979-265-3647 and Dog Gone Good, Becky Gaconnet 979-417-3785/979-345-5060. Please let us know if we can be of any additional assistance and best of luck to you. Thank you again for considering Pecan Acres Pet Care for your pet care needs.

      Brittaney Pate
      Social Media Coordinator

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