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When your pet is on a prescribed medication or a special diet, it may not be convenient to make a special trip to your veterinarian’s office when refills are needed. Home delivery with a focus on your success!

Making it easier than ever to follow your veterinarian’s recommendations with a customized reminder service, special packaging, and our auto refill program.

Guaranteed products endorsed by your veterinarian.

Convenient home delivery of medications and nutritional products.

No more guilt when you are unable to make a special trip for refills.

No more frustration when your product is not in the clinic’s inventory or you have to wait in line to purchase your pet’s food.

2 thoughts on “Shop Now

  1. Howdy, my cat Darcy (~10 lbs) needs the flea medication, Comfortis, in pill form. I only need a one month supply at this time.

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